The Bridge

The Bridge

Defying gravity, cantilevered spaces.

The core energy of the building is to fashion a point of view where one can stand and see it all. Philosophically, it is the merger of geometries, light and volumes that exudes the genius loci without explicitly showing its inner workings.

The Bridge emerges from the search for the value from a site with an existing building which the client wanted to be renovated. The existing building covered the entire site leaving very little room for landscaping and space. In the aim to reimagine a Ghanaian house this design works to create a blur between the indoors and the outdoors.

Glorifying the great tropical weather Ghana enjoys year round, the living, dining and kitchen open to the outdoor swimming pool area and the vast lawns.

Odum wood, concrete and stone are used in creating this 783sqm piece.

Status: Completed 2016

Role:  Design, Design Detailing,Construction Supervision

Project:The Bridge

Location:East Legon, Accra