Lions Club Centennial Anniversary Landscape Park

Lions Club Landscape Legacy

The city of Accra has over the years undergone major changes and transformation in the landscape. Green spaces are valuable and key considerations in our urban landscape hence the birth of ‘Place 100’ to commemorate the Lions Club International Centennial Anniversary.

The idea of creating a rippling effect with the paving material is to represent movement, interaction and communication between the users of the space and with nature.The design seeks to create a functional green space that will serve the community by providing a calm and serene environment which will also enable movement, social encounters, pleasurable views and fun for children.

The design features an iconic monument - A sculpture totem is positioned on a pedestal to stamp its prominence and for interaction with the users of the landscape park. As a legacy to the diminishing fauna in and around the city, the park includes a variant of tree and flower species to the 23 already existing trees on the site which have been maintained. 

Status: Under construction

Completion: 2018

Project:Lions Club Centennial Anniversary Landscape Park