Embassy for The Arab Republic of Egypt

Monuments, Ornaments, Riads

The composition for this chancery and residential facility for this Arab Republic of Egypt Embassy in Ghana derives from the search for the linkages between the Ghanaian and Egyptian culture. In the hope to create an architecture that highlights the shared values of the two countries.

Monumentality The chancery building is placed in the middle and more elevated to- pography of the site in a bid establish linkages to the grandeur of the pyramids. Limestone is used as cladding on the exterior walls. The form is derived from the brief of the embassy.

The main entry is designed as a double-volume space protected externally by a custom made perforated roof which casts shadows and protects the building from the eastern sun reminiscent of “mashrabiya”. A huge consideration is made concerning security in determining stand-off perimeter and parking.

The total area of this development sits at 1,935.5sqm

Project:Embassy for The Arab Republic of Egypt